In the past I helped many foreigners who were looking for the ancestors and needed my help - as an interpreter and a local tour guide. We visited the places where their relatives were born, visited the cemetery, spoke to the locals who showed them the birthplace. I have to admit it was very touching and emotional.

Some tourists from the UK wanted me to prepare an exciting itinerary for them. It was fun and they enjoyed the "hidden jewels" along the bike trip. I would be happy to help you with your itinerary, either hiking, cycling or sightseeing.

I am ready to help you - to prepare tailor made trips according to your wishes - either if it is a 2 hour trip near Brno to see the scenery (professor 's wife did not want to sit at the conference and wanted to do some hiking) or just to show you the places "of the beaten path".

I can also arrange a trip to the wine cellars - to see the Moravian hospitality. 

Please, contact me and I will do my best to make your stay in BRNO comfortable and enjoyable. Please specify your interest.


Hello Helena, This is to thank you for the wonderful 2-day tour of the countryside near Brno for me and my wife. My main objective in touring the area was to visit the place in Hrotovice from which my Grandfather Frank Benes emigrated to America in 1879. Without your help and your ability to bridge the language barrier, we never could have found it. Your language skills made our visit to that place truly memorable.


My brother John and I visited the Czech Republic in early August 2006. We had hoped to visit the Village BORSICE where our father was born. We met Helena in Brno and she drove us to the Village. She had also called ahead to the Mayor s office and the secretary there showed us the books where our father s birth was recorded and even made us copies. Helena then accompanied us to the home of an elderly lady whose late husband knew our father s family. Helena translated as we visited with this wonderful family. She then accompanied us to the home where our father was born and the nice lady who lived there was kind enough to let us see the inside of the house. Helena was invaluable in this as my brother and I speak no Czech at all. She also gave us a tour of Brno and the surrounding countryside. She arranged accommodations at some very nice guest houses for some of our stay in the Czech Republic. Her English is fantastic and she is very knowledgeable about the country. Our trip was so special thanks to her. Thank you Helena!! We would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a guide and/or interpreter in the Czech Republic.JoAnne Gregorash